Frankie Conklin started one of the 1st All Star Cheer Gyms in the Midsouth area in 1992.  He developed cheerleaders of all ages and trained them to be great athletes but more importantly taught them life lessons.  He would be proud to know that his past All Star Director, Chad Odle is the new owner of Memphis Cheer.  Chad is committed to continuing The Big Guy’s legacy and tradition. 



1375 Big Orange Rd
Cordova, TN 38018


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Mission and Vision:


We are Memphis Cheer.

We are committed to empowering a diverse community of athletes of all ages, skills, and abilities to become leaders.

We provide our athletes with access to a well-rounded, award-winning staff of coaches who are certified to equip them with the physical and mental strength necessary for success.

We ensure that our athletes have multiple opportunities to participate in a fun, safe, and positive family environment that promotes self-confidence to compete on the mat and in the real world.

We are Continuing the Tradition.